Did you ever see that episode of the original Twilight Zone where the journalist had the haunted typewriter? It worked like this: He’d sit down, type a made up story and the next day that shit would really happen, giving him the ultimate scoop on all his dumb journalist friends. Pretty good episode, actually. Well, there’s a band of kids from Ontario called Junior Battles who seem to have that same kind of thing going on right now, minus the typewriter. It’s almost like one of ‘em has a genie crammed up their ass or something.

Take the story of their success for example: One night, they’re sitting around wildly dreaming about being able to put a record out on Paper and Plastick and the very next day they get an email from P&P overlord, Vinnie, out of the blue, asking if they want to do a record. Next, they asked for the best bio in the world and hey! What do you know? Anyhoo…these canucks are more than just Kreskin-like predictors of the future, they’re also ushering in the bold new era of what can only be referred to as post-beard rock, playing heartfelt, angular pop punk that reminds you of your favorite bands without being derivative, and they’re bringing it to you people with Idle Ages, their full length debut, coming out on P+P on June 28. You heard it here folks!