Rare Breed Recordings 2018 Sampler

The Rare Breed Recordings 2018 Sampler is available for streaming RIGHT NOW, but for our email subscribers, we are linking to download! Check out the track listing below, as well as the link to the download page!

Home Sweet Home - Chris Demakes

Dynamite Brooklyn - Attractors

Christine Keeler - The Slackers

C.a.R.D.I.a.C. A.R.R.E.S.T. - Brandon Phillips & The Condition

Guns and Horses - Matt Embree

I Don't Belong Here (Dub) - Westbound Train

Mitts a Twit - The Pomps

Get the Time - Obi Fernandez

Go - The Tips

On My Mind - Vic Ruggiero

*Bonus for Download*

All My Nameless Friends- Call Me Malcolm

No Rats- Starfish

Download from Paper + Plastick here.