In Case You Missed The Sound Of The Skull Volumes 1-4

 In case you missed it, the Sound Of The Skull series incorporates digital music, limited resin skulls, and the slowly dying USB drive. We've recently added two new releases to the series this month,  The whole dabbling in different mediums of art, and presenting it to you is kind of our M.O., but, we still get just as excited to create new projects with other talented folks! We feel that this is a right mixture of digital and physical mediums, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

    JR.BATTLES/ BONG MOUNTAIN SPLIT                                             I LIKE ALLIE - THE WOUNDS YOU LEAVE
               PURCHASE // STREAM                                                                             PURCHASE //STREAM

             TEXTBOOK - ON THE B-SIDE                                              FALLEN FROM THE SKY - REBUILDER, VOL.1
                PURCHASE // STREAM                                                                           PURCHASE //STREAM