Starting as a solo musical endeavor by guitarist/songwriter, Shawn Gardiner, Brogues from NYC, has built big potential, with the hooks, and a great mix of songs that have created their debut album, 'Heart and Song'.  A heartfelt, punk-influenced record that is filled with insanely poppy songs beaming with honesty, soul and emotion that get years of listening and appreciation.

Featuring ex-members of Morning Glory (Fat Wreck Chords), the musicianship feels both seasoned while harboring that raw intensity that you can only find on a debut album. Gardiner, whose songwriting history ranges from early Crime in Stereo releases (such as 'Explosives and the Will to Use Them') to the more recent, Morning Glory’s 'War Psalms' and 'Post War Psalms', has spun together an album of honesty that isn't seen in punk lyrics these days. "A true songwriter sticks to what they hear in their head. To me, that's what this music is."  Their style coined as 'Loner's Rock' is the collection of unique songs and melodies felt internally that have no barrier or limit on type or style.

With the addition of Chris Huban on bass and Scott Wolff on drums (both members of Bound and Buried), they have solidified their lineup and are on to bringing this 'Loner's Rock' to the stage.